“Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials – much to live on and much to live for.”

At Cheltenham IFA we have expertise in both the ‘accumulation’ and the ‘income’ stages of retirement planning.

This is an ever changing world, with new legislation and choices becoming available on a regular basis, making it hard to keep track of your retirement options. Regardless of the life-stage you have arrived at, we can help you make the most of the retirement opportunities available.

Our approach to retirement is centred on establishing a realistic retirement plan, assisting with its implementation and then staying with you at every stage of the journey. We find it useful to think of retirement planning in three phases.


Building a retirement fund in the most tax efficient way requires careful planning. The first step is to work with you to create a realistic retirement plan. When would you like to retire and what level of income will be needed? What addition saving (if any) needs to be made and what can be afforded at this time? Sometimes our clients are just setting out on their retirement planning journey, although quite often they come to us with one or more existing pension pots which have been accumulated over the years. We review each of these schemes in detail and provide recommendations on whether the funds should be retained or moved to an alternative arrangement. Considerations include:


Even good investment performance can be seriously hindered by high costs. Many older pension plans are far more expensive than their modern equivalents.


We will benchmark the performance of your pension and see if there’s better potential for growth elsewhere.


Are you taking more risk with your pension fund than you need to or should you be prepared to accept more risk?


Do your existing plan(s) contain valuable guarantees or benefits which would be lost on transfer to an alternative plan?

The outcome of our analysis will be a recommendation that:

  • the plan meets your needs exactly,
  • the plan should be retained with changes,
  • a transfer should be made to a more suitable arrangement.

Approaching retirement

The last few years leading to retirement are often some of the most important. You may have accumulated significant pension and investment funds or perhaps be in a position to maximise your pension savings over your last few working years. Whatever your circumstances now is the time to fully understand your retirement options.

How much is “enough” and exactly when will you be able to fully retire or move to a part-time working basis? What type of retirement income will best suit your circumstances and how should your financial affairs be ordered today to achieve this. To turn your dreams to reality, now is the time to start detailed planning.


The myriad choice of retirement plans and strategies can appear confusing. Getting the most out of your “at retirement” options requires careful planning. Decisions taken today will influence your retirement income and wealth for the rest of your life and also potentially for the lives of your loved ones. You don’t have to make these important decisions alone. We will help you better understand your options. Through assessing your personal circumstances and your financial goals we will then make a recommendation that’s personalised to you and to what you want achieve with your retirement funds. Cash flow planning may be used to assist with this process and to “stress test” your financial plans.

For some estate planning considerations (passing wealth through the generations) also become an important priority alongside securing a comfortable retirement.

If an income drawdown solution is selected then deciding how your pension funds should be invested, how much income you can afford to take and how long you will need your money to last requires careful planning at outset and also on an ongoing basis. For these clients our review process forms an essential element of our retirement planning service proposition.

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