Benefits of financial advice

As your trusted professional partners, we’ll make recommendations designed to improve your whole life, not just your bank balance. Get further insight into the transformative power of financial advice.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Countless people have found greater happiness and success through seeking financial advice, and that includes the hundreds of clients we’ve helped over the years.

In our most recent client survey, 96.02% of clients believe working with us has helped or will help them to achieve their financial goals.

To learn some of the specific ways our experts made a positive difference to people’s lives, scroll down to watch our client videos, or read our ever-growing number of Google reviews.

You can also read our testimonials on VouchedFor, the UK’s leading independent review site for financial professionals, by clicking or tapping on the logo.

Long-term advantages, not quick wins

Financial advice can be beneficial at every stage of life’s journey, for many different reasons.

Among our clients who haven’t yet retired, 73.58% said their biggest concern was not having enough money to live their preferred lifestyle in retirement. Our advisers are helping them to understand what they have and what they need, and devising a solid strategy to help them achieve this.

Of our clients who’ve already retired, 62.75% were concerned about the level of investment returns from their portfolio. With the help of our experienced specialists, they’re getting the right solutions in place to boost their confidence and help them reach their later-life goals.

Making a difference in real terms

There’s a sense of reassurance to be had from working with a financial professional, according to our latest client survey.

When asked how they measure the value they receive from their advisers, 57.97% said the most important factor was knowing they have a “go-to” person for their financial affairs.

Beyond the personal and emotional benefits, there’s also evidence that financial advice really does make a difference to your long-term wealth.

Research by the International Longevity Centre and Royal London found that UK individuals who took professional financial advice between 2001 and 2006 were on average £47,706 wealthier after 10 years than those who didn’t.

Working with Cheltenham IFA gives me reassurance knowing someone’s got my back

Stafford Evans

Ben is open, honest, and makes my investments easy to understand.

Kim Burbridge

I feel confident in my financial future with Cheltenham IFA

Graham Satterley

I know it can get a little bit confusing when there's a lot of financial information, but I never felt that with Maddi. I totally understood what she was explaining to us and we knew what was going on. They were so clear and helpful that, in the end, it was an easy process.

Mick & Alison Hart

I feel very reassured. I have great peace of mind when thinking of my financial future because I feel I'm in very good hands. They've taken into account what stage I'm at in my life, what I want from the future, particularly with regards to legacy to my children and other members of my family, and my own comfort and financial security going forward.

Katherine Judge Client since 2014

What our clients say

In our most recent client survey...


of clients are satisfied with our understanding of their needs, goals, and objectives


of clients believe working with us has helped or will help them to achieve their financial goals


of clients said they would recommend us to family, friends, or work associates

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