Kim Burbridge

Ben is open, honest, and makes my investments easy to understand.

Hello, my name is Kim Burbridge. I’ve been a client with Cheltenham IFA for four years and my adviser is Ben Burgess.

When I spoke to Ben initially, it was about increasing the profits that I was receiving on my pension going forward.

When I first met Ben, we had two or three meetings where we discussed what I wanted from my pension and how to get to a certain level of pension. I felt I could trust him and his advice, and he was very truthful.

I found Ben easy to talk to and his advice easy to understand. He informed me where we were going to go, where the money was going to be invested – and not just in one pot, but in various different areas.

Since I moved over to Cheltenham four years ago, I’ve taken money out of the pension but it has still increased substantially in that time.

The three words I’d use to describe Ben are truthful, open, and understanding (of my requirements).

I feel more positive since working with Ben. Although I come from a financial background, I didn’t have the knowledge or the skill that he has to be able to increase the amount of funds in my pension.

In the last four years that I’ve been working with Ben, the best advice he has given me is not to panic, because it’s a long-term investment of up to about five years.

The best thing about working with Ben is his openness and his honesty, but also how he explains simply how my pension should be invested.

I would recommend Ben and Cheltenham IFA, because over the last four years they’ve been very supportive and my pension has increased sufficiently. And just to add to that, I have recommended four other people to Cheltenham IFA in that time, and they have all signed up to get Ben’s advice.

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