Graham Satterley

I feel confident in my financial future with Cheltenham IFA

My name is Graham Satterley. I’ve been a client of Cheltenham IFA for six years and my adviser is a very nice chap called Andrew Mansion.

Cheltenham IFA purchased my previous financial adviser’s business some six years ago, and that is how the relationship started.

I first found out about Cheltenham IFA when my previous financial adviser called me in for a meeting to tell me that he had been looking to sell the business to the right partner for some time, and he believed that Cheltenham IFA was that partner.

My main reason for having a financial adviser at that time was to plan for my forthcoming, rapidly approaching, retirement.

I decided to come to Cheltenham IFA for two reasons. One was that my previous financial adviser, who I had known for many years, strongly recommended the company. The other was that one member of his staff, Lindsay, was coming over to Cheltenham IFA. So, as an individual who likes to deal with people, that continuity and advice was very important to me.

Working with Cheltenham IFA has made me feel very confident, the reasons being that in the six years we’ve been together, we’ve had a number of global issues such as Covid and war, so their advice has always been long term and very rewarding.

The best advice that Cheltenham IFA has given me over the last six years was to move my portfolio at the back end of last year, which has resulted in some very commendable growth in my pension.

I feel confident in my financial future with Cheltenham IFA because they are a very creditable and well-established company, they don’t take unnecessary risks, and they do take a long-term view.

The three words I would use to describe Cheltenham IFA are approachable, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

The best thing about working with Cheltenham IFA is that my financial adviser thoroughly listens to what I want, goes away, and makes sure he comes back with the best solution for my opportunity.

I would recommend and I have recommended Cheltenham IFA to other people, purely because of the way that they have treated and dealt with me over the last six years, being approachable, knowledgeable, and as I’ve said before, very trustworthy.

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