Stafford Evans

Working with Cheltenham IFA gives me reassurance knowing someone’s got my back

Hi, my name is Stafford Evans. I’ve been with Cheltenham IFA for a couple of years and my adviser is Madeleine Hollands.

I got in touch with Cheltenham IFA because Madeleine was my financial adviser. When she moved, I wanted to be with her again.

I chose Cheltenham IFA because Madeleine was there, and as we’d had a really good relationship. We’d worked really well, so I was more than happy to seek her out and retain her services.

Madeleine has been able to help me sort out my finances and get all my pensions into one pot. I had lots of little bits going on, so we consolidated all of that and laid out a plan for my financial future.

In more recent times, Cheltenham has been able to help with that personal touch from the whole firm. Madeleine has been down here and we’ve been through my portfolio. We’ve discussed plans and made sure everything else is on track. We’ve explored some options, and not always taken them, but she always comes down with some ideas and thoughts and if we need to move my funds around, then that’s what we do.

Working with Cheltenham IFA, and Maddi in particular, just gives me the reassurance that I know someone has my back and is keeping an eye on my finances at all times.

At Cheltenham, you feel comfortable that someone’s looking after you and they know who you are, which is always a good thing. Madeleine has a grasp of where my finances need to be in the future.

The three words I would use to describe Cheltenham IFA are friendly, approachable, and professional.

I think the best thing about working with Cheltenham IFA is simply because I’ve got Maddi there. We’ve worked together before, and she looks after everything that I’ve got. She’s got my heart in her hands in the grand scheme of things, she’s super trustworthy, always on the ball and coming up with new ideas and solutions for any problems we’ve had along the way.

The best piece of advice that I’ve got from Cheltenham IFA and Maddi is probably more guidance about not overstretching, and always having a good reserve pot. So, if an unexpected emergency comes along, I’m not too stretched, and we won’t have to rush around and try and release any funds from anywhere. Everything is covered. We’ve done that so far and that’s something she’s always made sure that I’ve got hanging around.

I’d definitely recommend Cheltenham IFA to any friends or colleagues, and certainly to people of a similar age who need to get their finances in order and squared away. They’re a really good, friendly and approachable firm.

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