“The more your money works for you, the less you have to work for money.”

Idowu Koyenikan

Whether you have an existing portfolio, or need help with a newly acquired capital sum, we are able to assist you.

The financial world can appear extremely complex. Analysing and monitoring the enormous diversity of products, funds, wrappers and platforms can be a daunting experience. We believe that only by being truly independent can we deliver a comprehensive and fair analysis of the market.

Through use of extensive research our Portfolio Service has been designed to provide low cost access to a range of diversified investment solutions.

The success of our business depends on the long term satisfaction of our clients. This has been achieved through a robust and proven approach to our initial advice process which is followed by an agreed schedule of periodic reviews and updates. Your portfolio can be tracked at any time through access to online “real-time” valuations.

We apply the following principles to achieve investment success:

Our Investment Philosophy

1. Create Clear, Appropriate Investment Goals

We believe that investors should set measurable and attainable investment goals and develop plans for reaching those goals.

Considerations should include:

What capital sum adjusted for inflation am I targeting?

How much should I keep in cash?

Am I investing for income or growth or both?

What other investments do I have?

How long is the investment term?

Do I need access to my money at any time?

What is my tax position both now and when I want take to start drawing from my investments?

Once it’s understood and your aspirations have been captured, we can plot a clear course for your financial future.

2. Establish the degree of risk that you are prepared to take to achieve your objectives?

Establishing a suitable risk profile involves understanding your attitude, tolerance and capacity for loss as well as your appetite for risk.

3. Develop a suitable asset allocation using broadly diversified funds

A sound investment strategy starts with an asset allocation suitable for the portfolio’s objective. The allocation should be built upon reasonable expectations for risk and returns. It should also use diversified investments to avoid exposure to unnecessary risks.

4. Seek value and minimise expenses

Investors cannot control the markets, but they can control how much they are willing to pay. Every pound that investors pay for management fees or trading commissions is a pound less of potential return. Our experience has been that, historically, lower-cost investments have tended to outperform higher-cost alternatives over the longer term. Do not pay for active fund management that does not add value.

5. Maintain perspective and long-term discipline

Investing can evoke emotion that could disrupt the plans of even the most sophisticated investors. Some make rash decisions based on market volatility, but investors can counter that emotion with discipline and a long-term perspective. We adopt a systematic approach to investing based on the principles of asset allocation and diversification. Stay invested and don’t try and play the market.

6. Review & Rebalance

Investment plans should be evaluated on a regular, ongoing basis. Different asset classes will achieve different rates of returns. Over time this can result in a portfolio deviating from its agreed risk profile, so it is important that rebalancing takes place to correct this. It is also important to establish if any changes to income or capital wealth may impact your current provisions or tax situation.

How might any UK Government budget announcements impact?

Is maximum use being made of any available allowances?

Are you missing out on any tax refunds which might be due?

Are assets being placed in the right name, ownership and tax shelter to minimise tax both now and in the future?

Our investment approach incorporates

Tax efficiency
Maximising investment returns should involve structuring your assets and income in a way that ensures you pay the lowest level of tax possible. We provide effective planning to minimise your liability to tax.

Cash flow planning
Investment planning is often part of a wider retirement planning process. We can provide effective cash flow planning to ensure the sustainability of your future capital and income needs.

Specialist Investments
The choice of investment products can be bewildering. In addition to the more mainstream products, for those for whom it might be suitable, advice may be provided on Venture Capital Trusts (VCT’s) Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS) and Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes (SEIS).

We advise on the suitability of Trusts for different client situations and provide advice to many Trustees on their investment obligations and responsibilities.

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